Our City Council

Mr. Jihad Khair
Mr. Jihad Khair Mayor of Beit Sahour
As the first young Mayor in our city, Jihad is driven by the power of youth, his experience in administration and polices, and the wisdom of experience to take Beit Sahour to the next level and bring enormous sustainable development that targets all city sectors in cooperation with his team of the exquisite Council Members.
Mr. Ata Barhoum
Mr. Ata Barhoum Council Member
Ata is best known for his leadership and management skills for his speciality in Education and Psychology benefits the Local Youth Council for he has the needed experience to have his input followed in terms of youth and their relevant activities.
Eng. Makram Qumsieh
Eng. Makram QumsiehDeputy Mayor of Beit Sahour
Eng. Makram is a living experience in engineering and architecture. His long expertise in Kuwait and numerous other places make him an extraordinary member and great addition to the Municipal Council of Beit Sahour for his experience and expertise forms a huge benefit for the city’s infrastructural sector.
Mrs. Sabah Rishmawi
Mrs. Sabah Rishmawi Councilwoman
Her wide experience in education, chemistry and mathematics, makes her one of the needed pillars to reinforce education in Beit Sahour, for her long experience as a teacher and school headmaster brings additional benefits to the educational sector in the City of the Shepherds Field.
Mrs. Abeer Bannoura
Mrs. Abeer Bannoura Councilwoman
Abeer is best known for heading the Women Club of Beit Sahour, where remarkable women events take place. Abeer employs her skills as English Language Teacher in the Municipal twinning relations as well as her experience in women’s activities that Beit Sahour Municipality benefits a lot from.
Eng. Lutfi Abu Hasheesh
Eng. Lutfi Abu Hasheesh Council Member
His long experience in civil engineering forms a great addition joining the different experiences of the council. His participations in the general infrastructural planning of the city as a whole has helped organizing the streets network and traffic.

Mr. Khalil Qassis
Mr. Khalil QassisCouncil Member
Aside from his career as an ophthalmologist, his visions has formed an exquisite input addressing different city sectors especially in the Strategic Development Plan that Beit Sahour Municipality has built in cooperation with local community.

Mr. Nader Jubran
Mr. Nader Jubran Council Member
Nader is best known for his expertise in roads and paving, as well as infrastructural planning for he has gained a notable experience that forms a huge benefit for the Engineering Department of Beit Sahour Municipality.

Mr. Hisham Sheebat
Mr. Hisham SheebatCouncil Member
His speciality in Statistics and Economics grants Beit Sahour a tremendous social benefits especially population wise. Hisham’s experience makes a huge impact in the Council’s decisions and benefits the city in all aspects.
Mr. Elias Dies
Mr. Elias DiesCouncil Member
Elias is a Travel & Tourism expert; he works alongside several organizations that collaborated with internationals on matters such as fact-finding and encounter local communities. He is a member of serval committee working on developing local sustainable tourism projects in Palestine.
Elias has been able to actively help build relationships between the local communities and the international community, as well as serve the immediate local population
Rafat Shomali
Rafat ShomaliCouncilman
Rafat is another young and effective member, best known for institutional and touristic experience and activities. He is a well-known tour guide that presents Beit Sahour to visiting delegations in an exquisite way.
Sameer Abu Sa’da
Sameer Abu Sa’da Councilman
His experience in area, maps studies and marketing has benefited the strategic development plan of Beit Sahour as Sameer possesses the necessary experience and knowledge in sectorial planning that benefited Beit Sahour on a great level.
Isam Kokaly
Isam KokalyCouncilman
As a former UN employee, Isam engages his long experience in networking and computers for the benefit of the social, cultural, and internal municipal works for the sake of data organization and structuring.