Dear Friends, Partners and Supporters,

Greetings from Beit Sahour!

Our difficult times serve to remind us that life is truly valuable; it is a blessing from our Lord and a sign of his holiness and grace. During these times, the nations should unite and raise their prayers to the heavens for the Lord to end this pandemic and bring peace and amity to mankind in order to learn from the mistakes that were made in both past and present times. Such a pandemic should make every person turn their eyes inwards and ponder what will happen to our world after humanity has recovered from this nightmare and what the nations should undertake in order to establish and reinforce peace amongst each another.

Beit Sahour, the city of the shepherds, the notable city of civil disobedience, the city that has survived every difficult time imposed upon it, is a city that teaches bravery and strength to the world through its strong stand in the face of every obstacle that has come its way. Now Beit Sahour is facing what the world as a whole is also facing and doing its best to keep its citizens healthy and safe.

As they have always done, the citizens of Beit Sahour have proven their ability to help one another, to protect the city, to cooperate with each other in providing for needy families, and to survive even through the toughest times. During this time, Beit Sahour kneels in respect to those who face this unseen danger each day to perform their jobs at clinics and hospitals, challenging all odds, to bring comfort and treatment to their people.

The city of Beit Sahour proudly extends immense gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgment for all who have helped and are continuing to help its citizens get past this pandemic and survive this nightmare. We at Beit Sahour Municipality, on behalf of our local community, are proud and privileged to extend gratitude to our government represented by the symbol of struggle, His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas, and our wise and courageous Prime Minister, Dr.Mohammad Shtayyeh, for their wise leadership, their support, and their belief in the powerful presence of the Palestinian Nation—a nation that has never ceased to surprise the world with its capabilities, strength, and willingness to love life and survive against all odds and obstacles.

From the city of Beit Sahour, we extend our deepest respect to our medical team throughout the country, as we stand and salute them with hearts full of strength and faith that Palestine is the homeland that blooms through the humanity of its nation, its youth, its institutions, and specifically its educators as they continue to carry on their educational mission to their students through online education.

Last but not least, the Municipality of Beit Sahour salutes the military and security divisions and departments for their extraordinary help in maintaining order and discipline in keeping the nation safe. We at Beit Sahour Municipality, represented by its Mayor, Mr. Jihad Khair, and the Municipal council, as well as the local community, extend our gratitude and appreciation for the Emergency Committee of Beit Sahour—a committee that offers extensive proof of the union of the city’s youth and organizations, under the umbrella of our Municipality, to help locals and supply poor families with their needs.

We give the utmost respect to the Municipality’s health department director and workers for bravely executing their daily job and for doing their tasks accurately in such difficult times.

Finally, we at the Beit Sahour Municipality, along with our community, humbly raise our eyes to the skies and extend a true heartfelt prayer to our Lord for absolute recovery for all those who are infected around the world, and to extend his mercy upon mankind and lift up this pandemic; the earth has suffered enough throughout history, and we acknowledge that now is the time for governments around the globe to increase their efforts towards peace and global harmony as life is extremely valuable and worth living.

May The Grace of our Lord and Saviour be upon all Nations.

Jehad Khair
Mayor of Beit Sahour