A Message from Mr. Jehad Khair – Mayor of Beit Sahour

‘Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth peace, good will toward men’.

Two thousand years ago, a voice filled the horizon proclaiming to the world the birth of the King of Peace, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A group of humble shepherds, gathering around the fire, received the message and carried it to the world with glorious happiness. From this very city, where the ‘Good News’ was first heard, the descendants of the shepherds carry on the legacy of peace.

We share today the message of peace with our forefathers – the Shepherds – and hope that the future will witness the end of suffering and injustice for our people, whereby the Palestinians will achieve their national, legitimate rights and establish their own independent state.

Our community is distinguished today by the close unity and mutual respect among its inhabitants. It has managed to emerge as a distinctive community of open-minded, educated and cultured people, for Beit Sahour is known to have the highest percentage of educated people in the Middle East.

We are a city that is proud to be divers, as we serve out community and visitors through the city’s Strategic Development Plan that was established through community participation and in cooperation with Beit Sahour’s local institutions.

Beit Sahour is a young city where youth are the heist percentage and they are the wind of change, the strong social pillar, and the future of the city of the Shepherds. Beit Sahour sends a message of peace through its youth, institutions, occasions and struggle for freedom.

We are more than proud to be able to serve our community and bring our city forwards into a brighter future. We are more than privileged to extend our sincere invitations to everybody to come and visit Beit Sahour, to come and be part of its cultural diversity, and live the spirit of the past, and the joy of Christmas in a city chosen by God for the birth story of Jesus Christ to take place in.

Visiting the city of the Shepherds’ Field is a wonderful experience for tourists, visitors and Palestinians alike. To be in the place where the angels announced the birth of Jesus Christ to the shepherds, is an important part of any pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Beit Sahour is one of the main tourist attractions during the Easter and Christmas seasons. There are many historical and biblical sites in and around the city, which are frequently visited by pilgrims and tourists alike.

Beit Sahour is the place to be, it is the community to live in, the society to contribute it. Beit Sahour is a city that welcomes diversity; it is the city that is proud of its international relations and cooperation.

The local community of Beit Sahour is a community that works closely with international organizations in various fields and sectors. Community participation is one of the most well-known features of the city as Beit Sahour Municipality values the contribution of its locals in the city’s activities, projects, events and occasions.

Beit Sahour Municipality is the leading body of the sustainable development wheel. It is the body that executes most of the big projects that target the city’s different sectors through the strategic development plan that was put in cooperation between the Municipality and the local community as citizens and local organizations.

With respect

Jehad Khair
Mayor of Beit Sahour