The Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue (PCRD) was founded in 2003 by a group of Palestinian academics in the Palestinian territories. It is registered by the Palestinian Ministry of Interior under number BL.357.CU. It is perceived that the center will play an essential role in bridging the gap between different peoples and cultures towards a just and lasting peace in the region. PCRD also works on disseminating civilized and peaceful concepts of resolving conflicts within the Palestinian society. The PCRD thinks highly of the youth’s capacity in changing things on the ground. That is why we mainly work and focus on youth issues so that they participate in the development process.
1.1 Name of organization, contact information, contact person
Key Contact Person: Dr. Walid Shomaly-Executive Director
PCRD ( Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue, Address: Beit Sahour – Al-Marj St. ,
Telephone: 02-27747707 Fax: 02-2774707, E-mail: info@pcrd.ps


2. Information about PCRD

2.1. Name, official status and registration (Please enclose documentation as evidence)
Palestinian Center for Research and Cultural Dialogue (PCRD), Registered at the Ministry of Interior under the number: BL.357.CU

2.2 Mission of organization (i.e. mandate or general objectives)
The PCRD seeks to be distinguished and a pioneer in developing and strengthening the youth and promoting research for the sake of building a democratic society.

PCRD mission
The center’s mission is to promote dialogue between social, political and cultural groups as a means of conflict resolution, accepting differences between peoples, citizenship, and respecting other’s convictions. The center with this belief, directs its projects and programs to young men and women from different social, economical and political affiliations, and exerts utmost efforts to employ modern technology in disseminating democracy in this globalized world.
The philosophy of the PCRD is mainly based on the rights of people to civic education, intellectual education and expression of opinion. Therefore, activities of the center go on three main tracks:
First Track:
Civic education in terms of democracy, human rights , individual and public freedoms, citizenship, pluralism, political systems, thought openness and enlightening , social accountability and good governance. These concepts are implemented via brainstorming meetings, seminars and training. Therefore, youth are trained and educated on the following;
• Civic education on social accountability.
• Civic rights and rights of citizenship.
• Mechanisms, tools and principles of accountability, monitoring and protection of rights.
• Citizenship.
• Pluralism and acceptance of the other and their opinion.
• Promoting the role of youth in public life and political participation.
• Good governance.
Second Track:
Intellectual education through targeting both students and teachers at academic centers and institutions for the sake of instilling in their mind human values and training them on critical thinking rather than rote learning. This will create open–minded people capable of carrying out creative thinking and logical analysis.
Third Track:
Carrying out research studies, surveys and polls . The PCRD emphasizes studies related to cultural, development and intellectual reality in Palestine while probing the public opinion on related issues. The center and in cooperation with a bunch of competent intellectuals and researchers to achieve the following objectives:
• To contribute in disseminating democracy, human rights and public freedoms.
• To render consultations in line with the mission of the center. Also, to carry out surveys via data collection through different tools i.e. surveys, focus group sessions or interviews.
• Carrying out research projects using optimum criteria and the scientific method.

PCRD Objectives:

1. Holding research studies related to various topics in the Middle East in general and in Palestine in particular.
2. Holding seminars, meetings, and workshops to discuss the various aspects of the Arab Islamic Culture with the participation of local and foreign scholars. These activities are meant to create a better image of the Arab Islamic society in the Western World.
3. Carrying out public opinion surveys on political, social, economic, and cultural issues. Also to monitor and run surveys as to services rendered by municipalities and other organizations to the public.
4. Holding several meetings, seminars and colloquia on civic related issues i.e. democracy, human rights , individual and public freedoms, citizenship, pluralism, political systems, thought openness and enlightening , social accountability and good governance.
5. Training school teachers and students on the critical thinking and analytical approach.
6. Having the media deeply involved in promoting social accountability and community intervention.
7. Holding workshops to allow for adequate media intervention to promote the role of the Palestinian public in public affairs and realizing social accountability in the framework of citizenship in terms of both rights and duties. Indeed, Maan News Agency is an essential partner of the PCRD.
8. Implementing civic education programs to raise the awareness of the public in general and youth in particular on all related topics.
9. Receiving international delegations and holding workshops with them for the sake of strengthening tolerance among different religions.
10. Disseminating concepts of peaceful methods of conflict resolution.
11. Translating studies on cultural dialogue from foreign languages to Arabic and vice-versa.
12. Holding Focus Group sessions for Palestinian youth, in order to educate them about the principles of dialogue and cultural exchange.

2.3 Staff composition (gender etc) and capacity (professional background, qualification of key staff in cultural, psychosocial or other relevant fields)
The PCRD carries out its activities through its main office in Bethlehem and through a team of employees and volunteers throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The PCRD has a board of directors and an executive body.

Past Experience
Project Title/Theme Location
Partners Period/ Status (compl./ ongoing) Amount (local currency) Funding Agency
Inclusive decisions at the local level (IDEAL) programme baseline study.
The project was to run a survey an the services rendered by municipalities in the West Bank especially those funded by the Holland VNG West Bank KIT-Sustainable economic development and Gender (KIT) –Holland commissioned by the Dutch municipality Federation VNG May 2017 EURO 8000 KIT Through VNG
Leveraging media initiatives to promote participatory engagement in the peace process West Bank and Gaza Strip Maan News Agency May 2017 Euro 15 000 EU
Civic Education and training for youth Different locations in the West Bank January 2013- January 2017 NIS 500,000 Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Religious attitudes of Palestinian youth West Bank and Gaza Strip including East Jerusalem Palestinian Center for Public Opinion-PCPO November 2015 USD 12 000 PCPO
Bridges : This project aimed at promoting the sense of citizenship among refugees and help them better integrate in the Palestinian society. Both refugee and non-refugee youth participated in the project. West Bank 20 CSOs November,2011-December 2012 NIS 700,000 GIZ
Critical Thinking for school teachers Bethlehem, Hebron and Jenin Ministry of Education March-December, 2011
Ongoing NIS 160,000 Hanns Seidel Foundation
Promoting the role of Civil society in political participation phase 2 North of West Bank 10 CSOs in North of West Bank Feb-July, 2011
Completed NIS 35,000 Fredrich Naumann Foundation
Paldemocracy II Bethlehem,Jenin and Nablus September- December, 2010 Completed NIS 100,000 Hanns Seidel Foundation
Promoting the role of Civil society in political participation phase 1 WB 10 CSOs March-September, 2010
Completed NIS 60,000 Fredrich Naumann Foundation
Paldemocracy Hebron, Bethlem, Jenin, Qalqilya ,Tulkarem and Nablus March 2009- April, 2010 Completed NIS 650,000 Hanns Seidel Foundation
Public Opinion Survey on the “role of Media in promoting good governance”
West Bank and Gaza
Maan News Agency
March 2009
NIS 70,000 DFID
Civic Education and capacity building for youth and women centres Phase 1 Behlehem Area January 2009-June 2009
Completed NIS 50,000 Fredrich Naumann Foundation
Civic Education For Palestinian Youth Bethlehem January 2008-January 2009
Completed NIS 100,000 National Endowment For Democracy –NED
Deep Learning Through Critical Thinking For 10th Grade Bethlehem May 2007-May 2008 completed NIS 170,000 French General Consulate-Jerusalem
Civic Education For Palestinian Youth Bethlehem September 2006-September 2007
Completed NIS 80,000 National Endowment For Democracy –NED
Reach Out For Youth To Increase The Level Of Co-Existence In Bethlehem Area Bethlehem March –July 2005
completed NIS 68,000 TAMKEEN- A USAID

Most recently, our team has worked the following projects related to history and heritage with other organizations:
1. Upon the sponsorship of the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem-Arij and Maan News Network our team has completed the first phase i.e. January 2018 of the project entitled “Holding awareness, media and societal campaigns” as a partial fulfillment of a program entitled” Reviving Historic Centers in Local Government Councils” . The second phase of the project will be conducted in April 2018.
2. Our team has also conducted a research study for the Swiss Church Aid and ABC consulting on the right of Palestinians to access their land, historic sites and natural reserves. This took place between July 21-September 1st, 2017 as part of the “Open Forum” program.