Contact person: Michael Awad
Phone number: 2748590
Fax number: 2748774
Address: Beit Sahour – 35 old city street
Brief overview of Siraj Center Center:
Siraj derives its name from the Arabic name of the local type of olive oil lamp, which is symbolic to enlighten the paths of traveler’s .the main aim of the Siraj center is to forge links between Palestinian people and people from around the world through its experiential programs.
Since 2005, Siraj has managed to achieve its vision of becoming one of the most prominent and innovative organizations which has driven the development of responsible tourism, re-branding Palestine as a destination for experiential travel and human connection.
As part of the Palestinian center for rapprochement , and the sole non-profit tour operator organization licensed by the ministry of tourism, we are pioneers in Palestine ,developing diverse responsible tourism programs,such as local community tourism , home stays, interfaith ,pilgrimages ,cultural and fact-finding ,as well as other special interest programs, such as environmentally friendly tourism packages, including ,the nativity trail , Jerusalem wilderness and the Masar Ibrahim al Khalil (Abraham path –Palestine )- the first long distance walking route through the west bank ,walking/hiking and cycling tours.