Name of School: Evangelical Lutheran School- Beit Sahour

Name of Principal: Georgette Hazboun Rabadi

Address: Beit Sahour – P.O.Box 55

Mobile: ( 059 ) 9033124

Tel.: (02) 2772720
Fax: (02) 2774269


Web site:

The Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit-Sahour mission statement:

The Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour since it was established in 1901 reflects tradition in its existence and permanence. It is founded to develop students spiritually, psychologically, and educationally.

The school’s mission is that of a holistic approach to development, the creation of self-confidence, the reinforcement of community and co-operation, as well as the creation of responsible citizens capable of adapting to the continuous changes of time through an educational system unique in its performance and results. The school works diligently to build bridges of communication with the local and international communities.