The East Jerusalem YMCA – Rehabilitation Program
P.O.Box 73 – YMCA Street – Beit Sahour – Bethlehem – Palestine
Telephone: +970 (2) 2772713 / 2772185
Fax: +970 (2) 2772203
Director: Nader Abu Amsha

The Shepherds field land was bought by the YMCA of Palestine in the twenties of the last century, then later it has been running its activities in the main facilities built in 1955. The East Jerusalem YMCA has been managing its operations through a number of programs located there.

 Rehabilitation Program: it was established in 1989 to extend quality rehabilitative and reintegrative services to the young people injured during the first Intifada, then continued its work to become the address for rehabilitating survivors of political violence and persons with physical disabilities, through the adoption of a holistic approach based on human rights. The administration offices are located in Beit Sahour, and it has outreach offices in all West Bank districts including East Jerusalem.
 Community and Sports Center: it was established in 2001 to provide recreational and physical health services to the local communities, as well as organizing several social and cultural activities. The Center includes a semi-Olympic swimming pool, sauna, steam room, gym facilities, and outdoor volley ball and football playgrounds.
 YMCA – Shepherds’ Field Guest House and adjacent facilities: the Guest House was established in 2015 and renovated in 2017. It has the capacity to host 40 persons and includes rooms adapted for the use of persons with physical disabilities. Adjacent facilities include: the Shepherds’ Field, the Shepherds’ Grotto, meeting halls, open-air theatre, and gift shop.
 Youth hub: it was established in 2017, where a group of young leaders meet to develop youth programs and activities tackling issues related to young people’s interests at the local, regional and global levels.