Company name: Arab Orthodox Charitable Society
President: George Basil Abu Aita
Contact person: Anwar Mattia Bannourah/0599566668
Phone number: 022775998
Fax: 022774289
Address: Beit Sahour, Midtown
The Arab Orthodox Charitable Society is non-profit organization resurrected in 1999 to provide social assistance for the local community in Beit Sahour,
We have many activities:
1. Help the student who graduate from high school to continue their study by giving them easy loans and easy to return back the loans
2. Help the poor families in Beit Sahour, we gave away over 60 families each feast (Christmas and Easter)
3. Help the sickness people, each one can apply and get support up to 1000 shekels’ where he can buy a medicine or for small surgery’s.
4. The youth center, where we support and help the young generation to gather and do lectures and volunteer works.
5. Women committee. where we do lectures and social works and gathering party