Christmas for western denominations is celebrated on the 25th of December of each year during which the most important activities take place such as the Great Joy festival as well as Lighting the Christmas Tree of Beit Sahour. Such occasion is of a high significance for Christians during which many festivals take place in variable parts of the city especially in the multipurpose hall of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Center from which the candle march and the peace march start.

In this occasion the Municipality of Beit Sahour sets the stage for many music and dance groups to perform and share the joy of Christmas with people of Beit Sahour and delegations who visit from abroad.

As mentioned above, the Christmas festival includes many importance activities that take place on the 25th of December such as the Great Joy, Christmas Tree lighting and Christmas programs for children and people with special needs as well as activities that take place in the Elderly Club of Beit Sahour.