Also located to the east of Beit Sahour is the Ush Ghurab public park area, which sits on top of a spacious hill spread out over dozens of acres of open land. Until 2006, this hillside land was occupied by an Israeli, military base. In cooperation with many local organizations that included schools, non-governmental organizations, private businesses and international donors, a series of renovation and restoration projects have been carried out in Ush Ghurab to transform it into a Public Peace Park. A large stage, a restaurant, a climbing tower, a football field and a park are all part of this development on the hillside. The story of Ush Ghurab is a bright star of hope and peace in a land ravaged by uncertainty, bloodshed and war. The Municipality of Beit Sahour has regenerated, redesigned and refined Ush Ghurab to make it environmentally healthy, suitable and safe for children to play.

The Palestinian wildlife society, in cooperation with the Municipality of Beit Sahour, has started constructing a small educational zoo here, which aims not only to preserve the wildlife and protect it but also to provide a source of education for schools and all those who seek it. The name Ush Ghurab means ‘crow’s nest’, and it is symbolic of the area’s ecological and agricultural richness. Eco-tourism is of high importance to the city of the Shepherds as it is connected to the city’s history and topography.

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