Khureitun is the ruin that remains of the Laura of Souka, founded by St. Chariton, and where he was laid to rest. ‘Khureitun’ is the Arabic name given to both the cave and the ravine in which it is situated. It is located 2 km (1.2 miles) south-east of Herodian, near the village of Tequ’a. We find in this place the cave in which the holy hermit spent the last years of his life. It is a natural grotto of labyrinth character, containing seven chambers on different levels; each is connected to the other by passages, some of which are very narrow and low. The cavern consists of a continuous series of galleries and side-passages and is best explored with the help of an experienced guide. Visitors are advised to come prepared, with a torch and a long rope, if they wish to explore the different chambers of the cave unaided.